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Summary of Electric Aggregation

What the Program Does

The Village is acting as a conduit to allow the citizens to save money by combining their purchase power with other municipalities.

Good Energy is the consultant to the Village and will assist the Village in securing bids from electrical suppliers.

The goal is to reduce the cost to residents and small businesses based on one (1) bid from a supplier.

After bids are received, the Village will determine if there would be a savings and the program will only be implemented if that is the case.  The Village will choose one supplier.

To the consumer

If the consumer desires to stay in the program, nothing needs to be done.  He or she is an automatic participant.

If the consumer desires to opt out of the program, the consumer will have a period  of  fifteen  (15)  days  after  notification  from  the  supplier  informing them of that option.

For consumers who desire to stay in the program, they will continue to receive one (1) bill from Ameren.

The consumer will pay Ameren as he or she did in the past and Ameren’s credit policies and collection procedures will apply.

If a consumer initially opts out, he or she will be able to opt back in with a payment of a small fee.

If a consumer initially stays in the program, but later decides he or she wants to cancel, he or she may do so with a Twenty-Five Dollar (25.00) fee.

New residents will need to elect to participate in the program.

The  above  is  a  brief  of  the  summary  of  the  basic  points  of  the plan. For  a  complete explanation in detail, your attention is directed to the Plan Operation and Governance.

Electric Aggregation Summary