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Itinerant Merchant
and Peddler License

Detailed information on Itinerant Merchant and Peddler licenses is in Chapter 3-9 of the Morton Municipal Code.  Below is an overview:

Any person who is offering goods for sale and immediate delivery in a location that they do not own or lease for a minimum of six months must obtain an itinerant or peddler license from the Village of Morton.

Itinerant merchant licenses are issued for the sale of goods in one location.  Peddler licenses are issued for the sale of goods while traveling on Village streets, alleys, or other Village property.

Apply for these licenses by completing the form linked below and returning it to the Morton Police Department at 375 W. Birchwood or by emailing the form to kwheeler@morton-il.gov.

Itinerant Merchant & Peddler Application Form

Itinerant Merchant & Peddler License Information

Types of licenses available:

  1. Standard itinerant merchant or peddlers license –
    • Is valid for one person or entity for a time period not to exceed six months from issue.
    • Fee is $100.
  2. Temporary itinerant merchant or peddlers license –
    • Is valid for one 24 hour period as stated on the license.
    • Fee is $25.
  3. Special event itinerant merchant license –
    • One license is issued in the name of the organizer.
    • Event cannot exceed seven days.
    • Fee is $250, unless the event is held at 225 E. Jefferson, or the event is organized by a non-profit organization.
    • The event organizer must comply with the Illinois Department of Revenue’s rules for event sales tax reporting.
    • The event organizer must provide a list of all vendors participating to the Village 30 days prior to the event.

The license application will be reviewed by the police department and, if approved a license document will be issued.  The vendor is required to display this license in a visible location during their sales in the Village.