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Planning & Community Development


Brad Marks

Zoning & Code Enforcement Officer

309-266-5361, ext. 252




The Zoning and Code Enforcement Officer is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Morton Zoning Ordinance, providing staff support to the Plan Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals, ensuring compliance with various building codes, performing code enforcement activities, plat and subdivision review with respect to assuring all requirements are met before a plat is signed and filed, computes fees due the Village in relation to planning and zoning such as annexation or development fees.

The Village of Morton is adopting the 2015 edition of the International Building Code and a copy has been placed on file in the Village Clerk’s Office.   The new edition is effective 60 days from July 7, 2014, the date of publication of this Notice.  If you have any questions, please call the Zoning Office at 266-5361 ext. 252.

Any electrical job in excess of one thousand dollars($1,000.00) or any increase in the electrical service, will require a permit and appropriate inspections.  All electrical permits will be in effect for no more than 18 months or until a final inspection has been completed.  Electrical permits shall be non-assignable.

No electrician shall install any electrical equipment, systems, components, or materials without first having obtained a certificate of registration to do so from the Village of Morton, Tazewell County, Illinois.

A certificate of registration is not required for residential work provided the work is being done solely by the owner of the subject property.  All electrical equipment must be install in compliance with the National Electric Code.

All new construction, alterations, or modifications to existing plumbing will require a permit and inspection if anything is being moved any distance.  No permit or inspection will be required if the contractor is only resetting fixtures back to their exact location.  All plumbing permits will be in effect for no more than eighteen (18) months or until a final inspection has been completed.  Plumbing permits shall be non-assignable.  A property owner may do plumbing work on his or her own property in the residential zoning district only.  All commercial plumbing work must be done by a State of Illinois licensed plumber.  All plumbing work must be done in accordance with the Illinois State Plumbing Code.


Attention Village of Morton Enterprise Zone Participants

  • Beginning January 1, 2016, a new zone will replace the current Village of Morton Enterprise Zone
  • This new zone will be called the “Southern Tazewell Enterprise Zone” and will have a new application and associated materials
  • Benefits that will continue with this new zone include sales tax abatement along with ½ price building permits. Property tax abatements will be granted on a case by case basis depending on how qualifying criteria is met
  • Benefits will not include discounted plumbing and electrical permits, or reduced tap-in fees
  • View the Enterprise Zone Map to see if your business/property is located within the Enterprise Zone.