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Living in Morton

Interested in what it’s like to live in Morton, Illinois?

Morton is a progressive, growing community with a population of almost 17,000. Morton is located approximately halfway between Peoria and Bloomington-Normal, making it a central Illinois hub with access to a number of neighboring cities and nature escapes.  Living in Morton can help you live a higher quality life and take advantage of various amenities, like excellent schools and parks, supported by an engaged business community and civic leadership.

Living & Doing Business in Morton, Illinois

Located at the intersection of I-74 and I-155, Morton offers easy access to Peoria, Bloomington-Normal, Springfield, and other key Central Illinois locations, including three regional airports.  At the center of a metropolitan area with a population of nearly 350,000, Morton offers substantial opportunities for businesses seeking a solid community with excellent amenities and services.

Designed for site selection consultants and business leaders, this site contains demographic and related economic development data, access to listings of available commercial and industrial buildings and sites, business resources, and infrastructure information to assist in the site selection process.

Relocating to Morton?

Interested in establishing, relocating, or expanding your business in Morton?  The Village of Morton, in partnership with the Morton Economic Development Council, can provide information critical to community and site selection.  I invite you to contact the Morton Economic Development Council at 309-263-2491, or visit the Morton Economic Development Council’s website at www.mortonedc.org to learn more about Morton as a place to do business.

Whether for commercial or industrial development, or simply relocating, Morton living offers an attractive community and a constructive environment for your business.  We welcome your interest in Morton.

Beautiful Homes in Morton, IL

Well known for its beautiful homes and neighborhoods, Morton offers a quaint and peaceful village for residential living. With a low crime rate and growing commercial community, the Village of Morton provides the ideal landscape to start a family, as well as a business. And the beautiful housing and area communities in Morton make it all the more alluring to new families.

If you’re interested in learning more about the beautiful homes in Morton, and would like to see available housing for sale, you can pinpoint options in various Morton neighborhoods.