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Electric Aggregation Program FAQ’s

Overview of Municipal Aggregation

Illinois law allows municipalities and counties to negotiate the purchase price of electricity on behalf of residential and small business utility customers living within their borders. While these governmental entities choosing community aggregation would be responsible for negotiating the price of power from a supplier other than the traditional utility, your utility would still be responsible for delivering that power to your home, and billing you for it.

Contact your municipality or county for information related to the referendum and the aggregation program.

Eligibility and Enrollment

Residential or small business customers located in the participating governmental entity boundaries may participate. Customers enrolled in real time pricing, Power Smart Pricing, space electric heat rate, or served by an alternative retail supplier may not be eligible.

It’s simple.  It’s automatic.  Unless you “opt-out” of the program, all eligible Ameren Illinois customer accounts within the boundaries will be enrolled in the program.  You will receive a “switch” letter from your utility, Ameren Illinois, confirming your enrollment.

All eligible Ameren Illinois utility customers within the municipal or county boundaries will receive an opt-out notification letter via U.S. mail.  You may “opt-out” by returning the Opt-Out card by the deadline date identified in your notification.  If you choose to opt-out, your account remains with Ameren Illinois at the current utility rate.

Terminating your agreement after the opt-out deadlines may result in a $25 early termination fee. Please refer to your Terms and Conditions for additional information.

Rate and Term Information

A listing of communities served by Energy Harbor can be found at www.energyharbor.com. Select your municipality to find the applicable rates, contract length, and the terms and conditions for your particular governmental entity. Customers who are enrolled in the program should see the changes on their monthly electric bill 45 to 60 days after enrollment.

At the end of the Agreement term, as defined in the Terms and Conditions you have the option of staying with a new Municipal Aggregation program, returning to the utility, or signing with a new supplier independent of the Municipal Aggregation program.

Billing and Service Information

You will continue to receive one monthly bill from Ameren Illinois. The bill will include the charges for electricity supplied by Energy Harbor, as well as the delivery service charges from Ameren Illinois.

Yes, how you pay your bill will not change.

Yes, your budget billing will not be affected by your participation in this program.

Ameren Illinois will continue to deliver your electricity and will be responsible for maintaining the system that delivers power into your home.  As your energy delivery company, they will continue to respond around-the-clock to outages, service calls and emergencies regardless of your electric supplier.

You will continue to call Ameren Illinois for power outages, problems with your service or questions regarding your monthly bill.

  • Ameren Illinois Residential Customers:  800.755.5000
  • Ameren Illinois Business Customers: 800.232.2477

Questions should be referred to Energy Harbor.

  • Energy Harbor:  877.793.8921