(309) 266-5361 Village Hall - 120 North Main Street Morton, Illinois 61550

Use of Village Property

The Village of Morton allows the use of its parking lots and outdoor public spaces by organizations or individuals hosting an event or gathering with an approved application.  To apply, complete and return the application below to the Village Administrator located in Village Hall, 120 N. Main St., or by email to jsmick@morton-il.gov.

Village Property Use Application

Detailed information for the usage is contained in Chapter 8-17 of the Morton Municipal Code.  Below is an overview of the requirements:

  1. $250 fee for up to two (2) consecutive days usage
    1. To utilize any property owned by the Village, the organizer must pay a fee of $250.
    2. This fee is waived for the use of the Village’s event space at 225 E. Jefferson.
    3. This fee is waived if the organizer is a tax-exempt organization.
  2. Application must be received at least 21 days prior to the event.
  3. A deposit of an additional $250 must be paid to cover the cost of any cleaning or maintenance necessary following the event. This deposit will be returned if no work is needed.
  4. Organizers must provide a certificate of insurance for general liability insurance with minimum coverage of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 in aggregate with the Village of Morton named as an additional insured.
  5. If the Chief of Police determines that auxiliary police are required during the event for public safety, an additional fee will be assessed and must be paid prior to the event in order to receive the permit.
  6. Section 8-17-8 of the Morton Municipal Code details a list of prohibited activities.
  7. Any sales or solicitation may require an itinerant merchant, peddler or solicitor license. Please see chapter 3-9 of the Morton Municipal Code.