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EPA Public Notice

Public Notice

Due to EPA regulations, the Village of Morton is required to post notice of potential hazards associated with the Combined Sewer Overflow into Prairie Creek.

Prairie Creek starts at the outlet of the detention pond at the North end of S. Glen Ave and connects with Bull Run Creek just South of Broadway Rd. The Combined Sewer Overflow is located inside the box culvert, under S. Main St across the street from Super Liquors.

A Combined Sewer Overflow can occur when heavy rain fills the Combined Sewer system in the downtown area, and the volume beyond the pipes capacity overflows into Prairie Creek. Historically, this only occurs on average 4 to 6 times per year. When the overflows occur, there is a possibility of contaminants or floatable debris from the combined sewer entering the creek.

Special Caution is required when the water level in the creek is high. There is a risk of being swept into the current and a risk of illness associated with the personal contact with these waters.