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Water Treatment Department

Drinking Water FAQ

2016 Water Quality Report

Click the link above to view your annual water quality report.  This report contains important information about the source and quality of your drinking water during 2016.  To request a paper copy, call (309)266-5361.

Village of Morton Public Meeting on Drinking Water – June 29, 2017

IEPA Compliance Commitment Agreement (CCA)

Compliance Commitment Agreement (CCA) as agreed to between the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and the Village of Morton on March 1, 2016.  This is in response to Illinois EPA VN W-2015-00051 for the following violations:

  1. a) Coliform-MCL coliform bacteria was confirmed during the September 2015 monitoring period.
  2. b) Failure to provide adequate chlorination in all parts of the distribution system (on-going violations).

This agreement sets forth actions to be completed by the Village of Morton in order to attain compliance with the allegations contained in the attached CCA.

Drinking Water Watch — Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s Drinking Water Watch provides online information on the quality of water produced by community water supplies in Illinois – both from surface water and groundwater.  The Drinking Water Watch Web Portal allows citizens to directly access drinking water monitoring data and other information for community water systems in Illinois.

Citizens and officials can click on a county map or enter the name of a community and pull up all the compliance monitoring data for the supply and any violation information.  An administrative contact for the supply that citizens can call for further information is also included.  Although water supplies are required to directly notify customers of any violations of federal drinking water standards and provide an annual Consumer Confidence Report, the web site increases the accessibility of information to the public.