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We continue to experience an unprecedented situation in the natural gas industry that will continue over the next several days.  The Village of Morton requests that all Morton Gas customers set their thermostats BELOW 68 degrees.  It is also recommended that industrial and commercial businesses that utilize Morton Gas consider STOPPING production.  Anything you can do to reduce your natural gas usage over the next several days will save you & other Morton Gas customers money!

The natural gas grid continues to deteriorate.  Natural gas processing plants are losing power which in turn reduces the amount of natural gas available to pipelines serving the ENTIRE MIDWEST.  Prices will remain at extremely high levels for the next few days and literally could be 100 – 300 times the normal price or more!  The natural gas system across the Midwest will continue to see supply cuts that will impact Morton.  Please continue to do everything you can to limit usage.  We recommend that thermostats should be set BELOW 68 degrees, and industrial and commercial businesses should STOP production.  This is impacting the entire Midwest and with blizzard like conditions in multiple states we will continue to see power loss and production loss.  Please do EVERYTHING you can to reduce natural gas consumption immediately.  We just have to make it through the next few days.  This is an unprecedented event NEVER seen before in the natural gas business.

For those who have already made adjustments you are making a difference.  Keep up the good work.