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Wastewater Collection and Treatment

Village of Morton

Wastewater Treatment


The Village of Morton
Wastewater Treatment Department duties

  • Operate and maintain 2 treatment plants
  • Maintain sanitary/combined sewer collection system
  • Clean and televise sanitary and storm sewer collection systems
  • Inspection of sanitary sewer installations
  • Locate sanitary and storm sewers for the Julie “One call” system
  • Administer Sump pump / Footing tile inspections program
  • Administer the Mosquito abatement program
  • Maintain the landscape waste program

Treatment Plants

​Plant #2


​Plant #3

Wastewater Treatment Department

The Village of Morton operates 2 wastewater treatment plants

(Plant #2 – Major discharger, Plant #3 – Minor discharger).
These plants are licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency through the NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) and monitored through the DMR system (Discharge Monitoring Reports).

The wastewater plants are described as the extended aeration process, with activated sludge. This process requires aeration and detention time to facilitate the biological break down of the organics in the wastewater. When no longer biodegradable, the remaining solids are land applied. An additional permit regulates disposal of the yearly accumulation of solids. Disposal consists of land application of solids on agricultural ground located close to the treatment plants. The Village of Morton owns some of this ground, and has agreements with local farmers for the remaining land requirements.

*Plant #1, was located on Queenwood Rd
(abandoned and demolished in the late 1970’s)

Plant #2, located at the intersection of South Fourth Ave and Broadway Rd.
Servicing Morton’s sewers South of Interstate 74
Rated at 2.4 MGD (Million Gallons per Day average flow)
Max flow is 6.0 MGD
(Portions of collection system are combined sewer – covering approx. 20 acres of the downtown rainfall runoff)

Plant #3, located on Veterans Rd
Servicing Morton’s sewers North of Interstate 74
Rated at 0.96 MGD (Million Gallons per Day average flow)
Max flow is 2.38 MGD

The Wastewater Department has the largest amount of assets/value of all departments in the Village of Morton.  These assets includes buildings, equipment, vehicles, collection system pipe, manholes and pumping stations.

Morton’s wastewater treatment plants are equipped with:

  • Fine screening of the raw flow into the plants
  • Grit removal (Plant #2 only, due to portions of collection system that are combined sewer)
  • Aeration tanks (Requires low pressure, high volumes of air and detention time)
  • Solids handling (Digesters)
  • Polishing structures (8 sand filters @ Plant #2, Polishing creek @ Plant #3)
  • Chlorination structures (and de-chlorination at Plant #3)
  • Storm overflow structures (designed to treat any excess flow to plants caused by inflow and  infiltration)

Morton’s sanitary sewer collection system consists of the following:

  • 94 + miles of sewer main
  • 1,900 + manholes
  • 1 CSO (Combined Sewer Overflow structure)
  • 4 Lift stations
  • 6000 laterals (30 miles of pipe)

Morton Wastewater Department has 7 employees. Jobs include the daily analytical study and operation of the treatment process, cleaning and televising a portion of the entire system each year and maintaining both the plants and collection system.
The Village of Morton rehabilitates the sewers by replacement (through “Capitol Projects”) or lining (fiberglass inserts).