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News / Village Announcements

Agendas - Regular Meetings of the Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals

Nov 20, 2015

The agendas for the November 23, 2015, meetings of the Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals are now available for review.  Please note there is a Zoning Board of Appeals meeting scheduled for this month; however, there is no meeting scheduled for the Plan Commission this month.  Follow the links below to view the agendas.

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Plaza Update

Nov 3, 2015

Good news, the Morton EDC has raised $815,000 toward the Plaza. The Village Board agreed to start the project if the EDC raised $800,000 in donations. Craig Loudermilk, Public Works Director and the man in charge of this project, has advised me that we will go out for bids on December 18th. We hope to complete the project on or near September 9th, 2016. Thanks to everyone who participated. The central feature of the Plaza is a veterans memorial. If you would like to purchase a paver for the memorial in honor of someone who served in the Military, contact the Morton Community Foundation.

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Morton Disaster Exercise

Oct 19, 2015

Tazewell EMA's Dawn Cook held a disaster exercise in Tremont. The event was overseen by the IEMA's Marty Dwyer. The Salvation Army and Tazewell EMA volunteers participated as we walked through an imaginary tornado touch down in Morton. The step by step activity was done in real time and helped identify support as well as areas that need more attention.

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Fall 2015 Yard Waste Disposal Program

Sep 22, 2015

FALL 2015

Open: Saturday, Oct. 24 – Sunday Nov. 15
Closed: Nov. 16 and 17 for material removal
Open: Wednesday, Nov. 18 – Sunday, Dec. 6
8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. daily


VILLAGE OF MORTON RESIDENTS ONLY:  Free yard waste disposal is available at Sewage Treatment Plant #2, 2625 S. Fourth (at the corner of S. Fourth and Broadway Rd.).

The program is "self-serve" as it has been in the past.  A fenced area at STP#2 will be designated for yard waste disposal.  Assistance will not be provided for removal or dumping of landscape waste, so please plan accordingly.    

The following regulations and limitations must be met: 
     1) Only leaves, grass clippings, and tree branches (no greater than 5' in       
         length or 4” in diameter), and any associated landscape waste will be
     2) No plastic bags will be allowed for disposal.  
     3) Neither landscaping timber (railroad ties) nor construction lumber is
     4) No commercial enterprise may deposit landscape waste at this site.
     5) "Root mass" from trees, bushes, or shrubbery is not allowed.
     6) No pet waste, household garbage or plant containers of any kind at this site.
     7)  No yard waste is to be left outside the designated fenced area.
     8) Video surveillance will take place during the program. 

Please follow, or help us police these rules to ensure the continued operation of this free yard waste disposal program for all citizens of Morton.

Remember that it is a violation of Village ordinances to deposit landscape and yard waste on Village property (in the streets, in Prairie and Bull Run Creeks, down storm sewers, etc.), and that open burning of landscape waste or any kind of garbage is prohibited within the Village limits.

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Annual Water Quality Report

Jul 7, 2015

The annual water quality report is now available for review.  This report contains important information about the quality of your drinking water during 2014.  Please follow the link below to view the report.  Please call (309) 266-5361 to obtain a paper copy of the report.

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Metropolitan Planning Organization has Elected New Chairmen to the Policy and Technical Committees

Jul 7, 2015

The Metropolitan Planning Organization makes recommendations and decisions for the Tri-County area on the use of State and Federal transportation funds. Rainson will head the Policy Committee and Loudermilk will head the Technical Committee.

Rainson came to Peoria in 1980 to take the position of Vice President of Operations at CILCO.  He later served as Chairman and CEO of Environmental Science & Engineering and, most recently, held the position of Chairman and CEO at Axis, Inc., an international manufacturing and design consulting firm.  In addition, Mayor Rainson has served on the Tazewell County Board and the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission.

Craig Loudermilk has been the Director of Public Works for the Village of Morton since August 2011, and has been a resident of Morton for the past 34 years.  He has been a member of the Technical Committee for the past three years.  Prior to working at the Village of Morton, Mr. Loudermilk spent 13 years as a consulting engineer in Peoria, working at Clark Engineers, V3 Companies, and Millennia Professional Services.

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Veteran Friendly Morton

May 26, 2015

Our young men and women go in harms way to protect our country but when they come home they go from standing at the front to standing in the back - that has to stop. Morton can lead the way as the premier veterans-friendly city. Why not give preference to veterans for village jobs, why not special offers to veterans from all our stores, how about a land-bank of property on which returning veterans can build, or apartments with subsidized rates for the first few years back until they get on their feet. What are your ideas? Please comment and give me your ideas and/or support. Write

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Morton Presented Ameren Illinois Progressive City Award

Apr 9, 2015

Morton was chosen by Ameren Illinois as one of the six Progressive Cities in their service territory. Chosen because 29 area businesses completed 44 energy efficiency projects through Ameren’s ActOnEnergy program. The impact is equivalent to the removal of nearly 1 million pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere or planting 92 acres of trees. Ameren presented the award to Mayor Rainson and Administrator Smick at the Morton Fire Station on Thursday, April 9th.

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Morton Recognized as Great Place to Raise a Family

Feb 19, 2015

Morton was nationally recognized again as a great place to raise a family. You may recall that in 2013 Family Circle magazine named Morton one of the ten best towns in America in which to raise a family. Now the consumer advocacy site NerdWallet has ranked Morton 8th in their "Best Cities for Young Families in Illinois" study. They evaluated 200 cities for home affordability, prosperity and growth, quality of education, and family friendliness. For the full report, click on this link

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Long Range Transportation Planning

Feb 5, 2015

IDOT makes their own plans for the use of Federal highway funds. IDOT’s 0-6 Year plan includes money for the Morton intersection at Jackson & Main ($3.9 Million). In addition, our Tri-County Regional Planning Commission makes it’s own plans by accepting project proposals for Federal and State funding from local communities in our area and, using a point system, determining which projects are the most deserving. They are prioritized into 0-5 years, 6-10 years, and 11-25 years. The Peoria-Pekin Metropolitan Planning Area Technical Committee (on which our own Craig Loudermilk serves) makes the recommendations to the Policy Committee (on which I serve) and the Policy Committee accepts, modifies, or rejects their recommendations. Here are some of the upcoming major projects for Morton that are scheduled or expected to receive 70% from the Federal government:

0-5 Years: Detroit Ave. (Jackson to 1600’ South). This project is funded.
6-10 Years: Detroit Ave. (Jackson to Birchwood). This project is approved and projected to cost $5.5 Million but the availability of Federal funds is expected; not guaranteed.
11-25 Years: 4th St. $5.6 Million, Tennessee Ave. $11.2 Million, and Main Street $5 Million. These projects are approved but funding is only estimated to be available; funding is not guaranteed.

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